Core Values

Independent Learning

To foster the development of robust independent learning skills, engender curiosity, and promote learning skills through an inquiry-based approach.

Skills and Knowledge

To provide students with broad-based learning that supports the development of social intelligence and 21st century skills.

Home Values

To promote values derived from each student’s home culture, family and the UAE. We promote a strong individual sense of self within the context of school, community, and global society while celebrating others’ cultural values.


To foster students’ academic, innovation and problem-solving skills. Our students will be encouraged to make connections and use their imagination to explore new possibilities, with a readiness to learn from mistakes.

Oneness with Nature

To promote an understanding of nature.  We will encourage outdoor learning experiences in a range of contexts that contribute to an understanding of environmental sustainability.  

Digital Competence

To provide students with the knowledge and understanding to optimize digital learning.  They will be able to acquire skills in information management, problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration

To support these aims, the 6 ‘C’ approach will be adopted.


Creativity comes from analytical thought and reflection, and from thinking innovatively.  Our students are provided with the opportunity to observe, assimilate and contextualize information and make connections with the world around them.


Students are encouraged to: collaborate closely with peers and all members of the community; express their own and accept others’ views; question and be questioned; be leaders and followers.


Students are encouraged to express their thoughts strongly, acquire acute listening skills and develop strong skills of empathy.


Each student is encouraged to think independently and innovatively and make a positive contribution to all situations. In addition, students contribute to the wider society through the sharing of their knowledge, skills, and values.


We encourage every student to belong to, be an active member of, and uphold the values developed in their family home, while respecting the values of others.


In this era of unprecedented change, there are great opportunities for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The world is ever-changing, and the speed of change is becoming faster by the day.  We seek to equip our students with the skills to fulfill jobs that have not yet been created.