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Catherine O’Farrell

Group Head of Inclusion

The Athena community is diverse and abounding and we celebrate individual learning styles across our schools. Some learning styles require curriculum adaption, some require targeted support. The Inclusion team at Athena aim to create a committed and person-centered approach, using the Social Model of Inclusion in line with the Inclusion Policy Framework, involving the students, their parents, their teachers and any outside specialists to ensure each student goes beyond difference to reach their personal excellence.

Please click here to visit the Athena Inclusion Parent Portal 

Athena Inclusion Parent Portal 


Parents are asked to inform Athena schools of a student’s additional learning needs, if they are known, prior to entry. Some learning needs are identified in school and in some cases confirmed by an external specialist. Both formal and informal assessments contribute to building a comprehensive understanding of a student’s strengths and potential barriers to learning. A whole school approach is engaged in identifying student’s needs early and proactively developing strategies to ensure that each student grows in an independent and progressive way to meet their full potential

The identification & provision pathway can be seen through the Athena Inclusion Flowchart.


Inclusion support Team (IST) 

Each school at Athena will have an Inclusion Support Team. In line with the KHDA Inclusive Education Policy Framework this team will comprise of the following members: 

  1. Inclusion Governor – Catherine O’Farrell (Athena Group Head for Inclusion)

  2. Inclusion Champion – SENDCo

  3. Inclusion Action Team:

    • Principal
    • Learning Support Assistant 
    • Class Teacher
    • Parent 

The aim of the Inclusion Support Team is to work in close collaboration with classroom teachers and all educational staff to support the education of students who experience individual needs in common learning environments. The IST will develop partnerships responsive to the needs of the students, implementing high quality performance management measures, learning plans and support strategies in the drive toward quality inclusive education.