Purpose Statement

Who We Are 

Originating from the UAE city of Dubai, Athena Education is a young, progressive education brand dedicated to preparing growing minds for the modern world. Our vision is grounded in the principles of individual uniqueness and freedom of thought. We are committed to developing students as outstanding, independent learners. Through cultural, social and ethnic diversity, technology and digital learning, as well as a commitment to world class education standards, Athena creates a better world by producing mature, confident and enlightened students.

What We Do

Athena Education is no ordinary group of schools. We treat every student as a unique individual whose talent is accepted, appreciated, celebrated and rewarded. We recognize that it is the questioning mind that is the catalyst for creativity, innovation and improvement in human society. We believe in the ability of every young mind to explore and discover as it is this which brings into full fruition the person they truly are.  We strive to bring learning independence, an inner sense of discipline and excitement in learning through our schools to each child.

Why It Matters

Athena Education is driven by the purpose to bring social grace to the world through quality learning. We achieve this by developing literacy, social skills and confidence in our students. When the individual needs of freedom of expression; freedom of thought and freedom to realize one’s true potential are met in the classroom, we ultimately produce an innovative modern society governed by happiness, harmony and peace.