Dear parents,

Further to the previous edition of Parents Talk, please find enclosed Athena’s 5 year strategic plan which outlines our distinctive pathway to outstanding education. We invite all of you to be full and active participants on this exciting journey. In each of our schools you will be invited into each grade level to see and experience the learning first hand. You will see learners that are empowered to be innovative, creative and able to identify exactly what they have achieved and what they need to do to progress further. In all our schools the premises are being improved, in order to create a learning environment which places Islamic values at its heart, promotes wellbeing and dynamic learning, that meets all safe guarding requirements. You will be hearing from your principal who will provide the dates when the next learning walkthroughs will take place. Please join us and see for yourselves the many improvements highlighted by the regulator and the numerous achievements of your children.

Yours sincerely,




1. Learner Achievement

Learner attainment is above international standards and beyond National Agenda targets on a sustained basis. Learners manage their own learning, identify their starting points navigate their own distinctive and alternative pathway to high achievement. Learners take responsibility for their own learning, collaborate well with peers, are innovative and enterprising Learners demonstrate 21st—century skills routinely in every lesson in every subject. Every learner is a researcher, inhalator, entrepreneur, and Imaginer. A significant number of learners will meet the entry requirements of the top universities in UAE, UK, US and rest of the world. 

2. Personal & Social Development 

Learners develop and become highly skilled leaders, have a positive attitude who can manage their own learning pathways and make informed choices to optimize their achievements. So, all learning time is maximized. Learners are imaginative and innovative contributors to their own culture and the UAE culture and work consistently and creatively to improve the school and broader community and environment. Learners use technology routinely and frequently in their outside lessons. All learners will contribute in innovative ways to environment sustainably. Learners will make a significant contribution to the school development, local and international community.

3. Teaching & Assessment

Teachers are coaches, mentors, leaders who use data routinely to enable learners to manage and lead their own pathways to learn and high achievement. Assessments are routine, integral to learning known and understood by families and used to drive improvements in learning and achievement. Teaching is routinely imaginative, innovative and inspiring.

4. Curriculum 

The curriculum and extracurricular activities Are imaginative and innovative in its design and implementation. It routinely, includes opportunities for innovation, to develop the imagination, deepen understanding about culture and ensure all learners are technologically literate. The curriculum will be based on the principles of imaginative learning which enable all learners and fulfill all aspects of the Athena vision.

5. Protection, Care, Guidance & Support

All groups of learner flourish, manage and lead their own learning pathways, work as equal partners with their peers, staff, and community to create a dynamic, technologically advanced, exceptionally safe learning environment. Wellbeing is routinely promoted and integral to every aspect of school provision. All aspects of school provision are fully inclusive in every aspect for staff, learners and their families.

6. Leadership & Management

The school is creatively resourced, promoted and marketed. The premises and all systems and procedures are digitally SMART. Leaders at a level are lifelong learners, include all stakeholders and have a relentless focus on creative, imaginative and inspirational learning and optimizing achievements for every learner. Professional development in routine, blended and creates dynamic and innovative leaders at all levels of education. The premises are SMART— technologically and example of safety. The schools will establish a strong partnership with industry, the best universities, and organization that promote the best practice in all aspects.


Athena schools will be centers for imagination innovative and develop all learners, socially, artistically, musically, physically, emotionally linguistically in a first and second language, mathematically, scientifically strengthened by strong Islamic values and cultural awareness.